The Situation




"Ignorance of the law excuses no one" - Is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of it's content.

Now this may sound like a fair representation of the law. Because everyone knows right from wrong. And if they chose to break the law then they should pay for their wrong-doings. But who says what the law is ? And who's to say if the law is right or wrong ?

Now I do not want to get into a full debate about Law - because it usually leads to religion. As the 10 commandments are the supposed basis of our western laws. However when it comes to who is subject to the law, it is fundamental to our comprehension of what the law is and why it is being used against us.

What is the law ?

In its simplest form the Law is the administration of rights & wrongs.

Who is subject to the Law ?

Those subject to the laws are those that agree to be bound by them.


I need to explain a few things to you here before we go any futher. As the problem with law is that it overlaps and interacts with many other aspects of our life and society as a whole. For instance there are possibly hundreds of different law forms that we are all subject to. Most are law forms that we happily agree to abide by. Many others are laws that we have no knowledge about yet are still subject to them.

A quick list of several law forms:

Religious laws are the laws of a perticular religion. If you are Jewish you may only eat Kosher food. If you are Muslim you may only eat Halal food. And if you are Christian it may be that you decide to abide by one of the 10 commandments "thou shall not commit adultry" etc. So there we have a set of laws that are subject only to those that wish to be subject to them. And it is upto the individual as to wether or not they comply with those laws depending on their religious views.

It is the same for political law when you join a political party, as it is the same when you join a perticular club, group or association or even your place of work. You are only subject to those rules/laws because you freely join those associations, clubs or businesses's you wish to belong to. That to me is common sense! If you wish to take part, then you must comply with the rules/laws of that group.

However there is a somewhat different set of laws that govern the rights & wrongs of a whole society. But why are we subject to them ? & were we ever asked if we wanted to be ?.


This is the fundamental problem we have today!. Nobody as far as im aware was ever asked if he/she wanted to be subject to the laws of the United Kingdom. Yet everyday thousands of people are being dragged through the courts for breaking laws that are fundamentally badly written and even worse criminal by nature. This is a fundamental part of what is driving the breakdown of our society. From speeding fines, to parking tickets, to secret family courts stealing children on a whim to terrorism laws designed supposedly to stop terrorism, but in reality are being used against Joe Public.

But how can we be subject to all these laws if we did not consent to them ?.

The Secret

Well the reason being is because the law is NOT there to PROTECT YOU!. As the law stands today in 2011 and for the last 2000 years. And probably for the next 2000 years (if we do not stand up and do something about it) the law is not there to protect you in anyway shape or form. You and your family, friends & collegues are only SUBJECT to the law.

Lets take a look at the word subject:

So you see because you were born into the United Kingdom you are subject to the government/queen and whatever they decree to be the law you as a feudal subject (serf) to their authority must comply with their laws. Because if you do not you will be fined, imprisoned, man-handled & generally harassed until you do OBEY.

Well hold on one freaking minute ! - Now I know all the nay sayers will say - well you can leave the country if you do not like the laws. But that is the problem!. These laws are spreading all over the globe and there is no escape! The octopus's reach is forever growing larger. If we all run now there will be no escape later!. The European Union, African Union, Asian Union & North American Union will all merge into a ONE WORLD Government which means a One World Dictatorship!. Make no mistake about it, it is already planned to be that way. If you think a world government is somehow going to a benevolent, peaceful ruler. You are extreemly misguided and possibly delusional at best.


Lets get back on track, because the devil is always in the detail.

So apparently I am subject to the laws of the state called the United Kingdom because I was born here. But hold on! What is the United Kingdom ? As I am pretty sure I was born in a hospital and not the whole of a kingdom. In fact I know some people who were born in Pakistan, India and Australia yet they are all subject to the laws of the United Kingdom now that they live here. The question is how & why ?.. Did they swear allegience to the Queen ? Did the Queen adopt them ?. Did the UK adopt them ? This is where the deception starts.


First off the Queen is not really royalty. Not in the true sense. Over 1000 years of civil wars & changes in the law. The Queen is nothing more than a head of state. Much like Barack Obama is the head of state for the United States. You see everything revolves around legal fictions. A legal fiction is something that is not real. Something that can not exist in reality but can only be a construct of the mind.

The Queen is just a "title" - "A title of nobility". In reality she is just an old lady, who has a couple of children and a couple of grand children. She is just a human being ! Just like the rest of us. So what makes her Queen ?.

The only thing that makes her Queen is the fact that a few hundred years ago her ancestors declared themselves King & Queen of England. That is all.. They declared themselves legal title owner of Authority in the whole of the Kingdom of England. And we like a bunch of idiots stood about shrugged our shoulders and said, ok!.

Acting & Roleplay

She is playing a role in the world. And her role is "Queen of England". Much like Prince Charles is playing a role called "big ears"... I mean "Prince Charles". Which is exactly the same as all other people who claim authority. They are just "acting" out a role in society.

It is the same for policemen, firemen, school teachers etc. When they go home are they still those people ? I mean in reality, they are just human beings like me and you who got a job "acting out" those roles in society and by assuming the title to those roles "policeman", "fireman", "school teacher" we accept who they are "in the capacity of their role" for the benefit of identification in the society.

For instance: If a stranger dressed in jogging bottoms and a hoodie came upto you in the street and said "right your nicked your coming with me" - Im sure you would look at him like hes out of his mind. Yet if that same stranger wears a uniform and says the exact same thing. Im sure you would think "ooh shit what have I done now". Because you recognise that he is ACTING with some form of authority. He is performing his duty by acting out his role in society.

As shakespeare said: All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players!

We have many different names, and many different roles in society. My dad calls me a "little bugger", my mom calls me "sweatheart" and the dog calls me "woof".. But there is one fundamental role in society that we all play that not 1 in a million is aware of. And that is the role of a PERSON. And this is where it gets interesting & where the whole legal world gets its power from.


And are you a person ?

This may sound like a dumb question. But it is fundamental to understanding who you are, and who you are not.

You see the government & those in power. Especially the law society & high level banking understand that we are NOT persons but we are in fact men & women. Or a better way of putting it, is that we are spirits/souls inside a flesh & blood human body. In fact I believe the law society refers to our bodies as vessels. Vessels that contain the spirit or soul of our human nature. But anyway..

What i am getting at is that we can not and NEVER can really be a policeman, fireman or banker etc. Because they are just roles being played out in society. They are a persona that the spirit/soul/human takes on in society. But what the government & powers that be do not tell you & what they do not want you to know is that the society often referred to as the UNITED KINGDOM is in fact a CORPORATION. And in this corporation (which is a legal fiction) they have employee's that they call PERSONS (another legal fiction).

So under the law we have been detatched from our spirit/soul (normal human body). We have been seperated & reformed into a legal fiction (a body corporate). And heres why..

The word person is synonmous with personality. So when we assume roles in society we create a persona for ourselves whilst we assume the roles we play. The legal world understands this and constructs a very esoteric & evil game where they label all men & woman as PERSONS. Who belong to the United Kingdom Coprporation as employee's.

The United Kingdom is a legal construct of fiction. In reality it does not exist!. It only exists on pieces of paper we call maps, defined by lines on those maps we call borders. These borders define the territory that defines the United Kingdom. And in this fictional United Kingdom Corporation, we have things called employee's also known as PERSONS.

A person is defined in a legal dictionary as: 1) a human being. 2) a corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person. Whole countries, counties, cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation can assume the role of a person, aka a corporate body or body corporate.

So you see a person is synonymous with a human being & a corporation. We have all been INCORPORATED!. In fact we the flesh & blood, living breathing organism that is often referred to as a human being, has obviously not been incorporated. Because we are real. But the title that we go by.. Meaning our NAME - has been incorporated. The evidence of this is our certificate of live birth, also known as a birth certificate!.

It is a little bit esoteric, but when we are born our parents give us a name. Usually our mother gives us our first name or "given name" & our father gives us his "family name" our surname. These are then placed upon a certificate of live birth and recorded with the state department for registration of births and deaths. This incorporation of our names as a baby creates what is known as enfranchisement. Meaning to endow with the rights of citizenship. These rights are another legal fiction. As in reality no-body has rights as they are created and then bestowed. But they are not natural god given rights. They are fictional rights, meaning they only exist on pieces of paper and are a construct of the mind. This enfranchisement or rights of citizenship also comes with many thousands of OBLIGATIONS. Obligations that none of us have ever been told about. And only ever find out when we least wish to know.

This act of registration of our children is a form of pledging. Parents in effect pledge their children to the United Kingdom, United States or whatever country/state they are from. And from that moment the child does not belong to the parents, but belongs to the state!. In fact the "act" of application & registration means to beg & plead. So in legal terms we in effect beg & plead the United Kingdom Corporation to employ our children in exchange for benefits of that corporation.

Don't believe me ?. Try not sending your child to school for a week Or try and opt out of mandatory vaccinations. Like measles, rubella, TB etc. You see this is why the state can give mandatory vaccinations, mandatory military service, mandatory taxes, mandatory poisoned food. Because we & our children do not belong to us anymore we gave ownership over to the state corporation. And if we do not treat the state corporations property how they want it treated. I.E. Fed, Clothed & Nurtured, the way they want it. Then we get punished under there corporation rules called "Acts of Parliament" or "statutory legislation" often referred to as LAWS. But they are not laws. They are nothing more than company policy. The STATE.. aka.. the CROWN owns the legal right to our bodies.. And because "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" they have us hook line and sinker everytime we break a rule of the corporation.

Now do you understand why the law is so corrupt ?

It gets better..

You see because all western Civil law comes from Roman Law. And Rome was famous for its slaves aswell as many other things.. The Capitalization of our names on the birth certificate represents a full depreceation of status, to that of a SLAVE. In law if your name appears in all caps it means Capitus Diminutio Maxima, Minima or Media. See below

Capitis Diminutio Minima - John Doe (meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John Doe) - The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man's family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) [of his own right, not under any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. [Parental authority] It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered.
Capitis Diminutio Media - John DOE (meaning a medium loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John DOE) - A lessor or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights.
Capitis Diminutio Maxima - JOHN DOE (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) - The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man's condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.

So if all correspondents to you are in CAPS.. like Mr JOHN DOE or Mrs JANE DOE. Then they are referring to you as a slave!.


There is so much more to law.. More than I could ever discuss on this page alone. But here a few more quircks about our governments and law that should be of interest to you!.

More will be added to this page in the future as information comes to me. But for now Im sure you have many things to think about. And the implications of how LEGAL FICTIONS operate and control our every day lives.


If you would like to learn more and attempt to understand the legal implications of all this google some of the terms below and or watch some of the videos. I MUST WARN you now. There seems to be NO escape for acting as the legal fiction. As the government always use intimidation, force and coercion to do what they want. But there is a growing number of human beings who are fed up with the arbitrary, un-ethical situation they have forced us into. And who are slowly fighting back against the legal power of the government. So be warned there is no silver bullet. Despite the claims of many Guru's in the sovereign movement.

There are many guru's out their making many claims. DO NOT FOLLOW ANYTHING unless you 100% understand & know what you are doing. The world is a ticking timebomb waiting to go off. Be VERY CAREFUL INDEED!. But enjoy yourself.