The Situation



What is freedom and are we free ?

I have to confess as a child I had no idea what freedom was. I had no concept of freedom or from where it came. I always presumed I was free because that's what I had been told. "We live in a free country" with "freedom & democracy!" - they say. It is like a collective mantra everybody has adopted and chants at every given opportunity. But yet very few people have any idea about what it actually means.

Are we free ?

The simple answer is NO. We are not free. And I will attempt to show you why I believe this to be the case. We do have freedoms, but having freedoms is not freedom in itself. As freedom to my mind is "FREEWILL" & the ability to make choices of ones own freewill is the act of being free. So without freewill we can not be free to exercise our freedom.

Born Free

This is where we start to go down the rabbit hole of who we are and where we came from. The question of freedom always boils down to this. Are we born free ?. And my answer to that is 100% - categorically, unequivocally YES WE WERE BORN FREE!. The moment we enter this world and take our first gasp of air, I believe we attained freedom. I concede we are dependant on the freewill of our mothers for food, warmth and shelter. But we do have freedom. If we were able to think clearly enough and able to crawl at such a young age, then there would be nothing to stop us crawling off into the sunset to explore our new world. As many toddlers attempt daily to do.

So you see when we were very young we had freewill. The only restriction to that freewill were the restrictions our parents placed upon us. Lets say by, holding our hands whilst we crossed the road to stop us getting squished by traffic. Or by telling us NO everytime we try and eat a piece of fluff, bit of dirt or push a piece of lego up our nose. These types of restrictions and many other restrictions like those are on the whole for our benefit. They attempt to teach us right from wrong and attempt to guide us in everyday life.

You see all our learning from early childhood right up into adulthood comes from our individual expressions of freewill and restrictions of that freewill. And by testing those restrictions and methods and processing them via our brains based on a billion different functions, variations, factors and informational "input" is what makes us who we are today.

If we have not experienced any sharp shock in life or had to face any kind of life changing event we pretty much live our lives on auto-pilot from birth to death. We collect information along the way, interpret it the best we can and move forward in our lives without thought to how it actually affects us. And this is where the trouble starts. We are not educated to be free thinkers and thus can not exercise our freewill logically & correctly. As a direct result of this inability to think clearly and the restricions on exercising our freewill we are faced with many problems in the world today.

Do we have freewill ?

As freewill is the basis of freedom. The question should be do we truly have freewill. I mean freewill is the freedom to do anything we wish to do at any time we wish to do it. Now this includes the freedom to go take a "poo" (yes I did say poop) on the M6 motorway in rush hour traffic if we so wished. But because of our built in restrictions of right and wrongs including the self-preservation factor, we restrict ourselves from doing this. But the fact remains there is nothing to stop us doing just that if that is what we wished to do. It is only learned restrictions built up in our mind that stops us from doing it.

Ok so lets take something a little more realistic. Lets take walking. Providing you have no physical restrictions, you are free to get up and walk about. In fact you are free to walk where ever your legs may carry you. Well thats true in one sense but certain restrictions do apply. Because you can not just walk over your neighbours gardens trampling flowers as you go. Well you can, but you may anger your neighbours and or cause them distress. So for the sake of social cohesion we again restrict ourselves via our learned behaviour. We practice self-restraint.

There is also the "do unto others as you would have done unto you" factor. Where you would not appreciate your neighbours trampling over your own garden so you do not do it to theirs. It is an unwritten rule of social cohesion. We do not need laws, regulations or restrictions from government bureaucrats to tell us not to do it. As it is a built in mechanism of self-restriction that prevents us from doing it. I believe this is summed up in that we have the freedom to travel unrestricted aslong as we are not causing harm, loss or distress to anybody else.

In fact so fundamental a freedom was the "free right to travel" it was encoded into law via Article 42 of the Magna Carta 1215, which pre-dates our parliament of westminster. The fact that it pre-dates parliament means it is a law that parliament never created and therefore can not change or amend. So if we have the Free Right To Travel As a Fundamental Freedom providing we do not cause harm or loss to anybody else, then why do we pay government for the right to do that which is a fundamental freedom ?.

The Driving Force

Lets turn the heat up a bit. Lets take driving. Can you drive of your own freewill ?. I mean are you free to buy a car and then drive that car using your own freewill exercising your fundamental free right to travel ?.

The simple answer is NO. The question is why ?.

Well the simple truth is that the government (without telling the people) took our Fundamental Rights and turned them into privileges. "A privilege is a special entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority to a restricted group". So all our rights became privileges. And those privileges were special entitlements granted to a special group. e.g: "Drivers"..

The trouble with privileges is that they can be granted and/or taken away. The government believes there are no fundamental rights anymore, which vis-a-vie means there are no fundamental freedoms. In fact the government believes they are the ultimate, supreme authority of everything on earth and everything produced, used, thought up or consumed is a privilege granted to you for your benefit by the government itself. Now this is a very scary situation we find ourselves in. Because it means we either comply with the governments restrictions to our freewill or they take away our privileges (freedoms). Which by the way are actually unalienable, natural & god given - They are not privileges given by government - "we the people" have just forgotton for the time being.

The Question is How Did They Do It ?

Well the government had to convince us to give up our fundamental rights without us realising we were doing it. They achieved this in two ways. First they had to convince us that illusions are real and that false is true, up is down and right is wrong. What I mean is the government created a false reality for us and then set about convincing us it was real. They achieved this by creating a Gigantic Corporation called the United Kingdom. In this corporation they had employees called PERSONS. Then through threats & coercion the government made our parents sign a Birth Certificate which in legal terms pledged the "child" to the United Kingdom Corporation.

This pledge or registration of the child with the state has the legal effect of begging and pleading. In legal terms to REGISTER is to beg & plead. So by registering our children with the state (United Kingdom Corporation) our parents in effect legally begged the UK for the benefits & privileges of the UK for their child. Thus creating a binding contract for the child to move from being a lawful man or woman into being a legal fictional "PERSON" with all the legal responsibilities that, that entails.

Legal responsibilities, like paying taxes, getting a driving license, taking forced vaccinations, submitting to all forms of authority, going to war, supporting and paying for war. And anything the government feels the need to do they can demand of their citizens, because when they are demanding we do things, they are acting on the legal fictional "PERSON" created via our birth certificate & not the actual man or woman. The man or woman (you & me) are just the unlucky dupes in this Orwellian nightmare. They have legal right to do it because they gave themselves that legal right, as they own the corporation (UNITED KINGDOM) & create their own corporate rules commonly known as "Acts of Parliament" or "Statutory Legislation".

They are not laws to which man and woman must abide by. They are regulations to which corporate employees must abide by. And all PERSONS are corporate employees. The question is. Are you a PERSON (a legal fiction) or are you a man or woman (real & cognitive). More about this later in Law & Society.

If you genuinly believe we have a choice when we vote in the prime minister you are misguided. Let me ask you this, when did the people ever get to choose the CEO of a corporation ?. Because that is all it is. Have you ever wondered why nothing ever changes when you vote in the opposition party ? The reason is because he has no say about which direction the corporation is going to go. The incoming party only has a say in how we are going to get there. Whether it is under a blue banner (conservative) or a red banner (communists - i mean labour), it is all the same. So if the corporation (UK) is set up to steal the wealth of other nations (IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN) and hoard all the resources for themselves. Then that is what they are going to do, regardless of who is Chief Executive Officer, ie. Tony B Liar, Cabbage Faced Cameron et al.

Statutory laws are nothing but company/corporate policy. And the police officers are nothing but company/corporate policy enforcers of the united kingdom corporation. It is no different than say working for McDonalds breaking some food hygiene corporate policy rules and then being disciplined for it by the McDonalds supervisory staff. Maybe you would need to go on a re-education course like many youngsters face when they go into juvenille care. I mean what are these youngsters doing in reality ?. Nothing more than exercising their freewill to cause mischief and then we as "responsible adults" throw them into juvenille detention centres so they can have their freewill eradicated or re-educated away. It is a scary phase of national-socialism we are entering when we start attempting to re-educate/reprogram the citizens.

Now some people may not yet grasp the problem with this system. But I assure you it will all become very clear before we finish.

As you see from above our fundamental right to travel is being restricted via government policy written in the form of statutory legislation (or acts of parliament) forcing us to obtain a license, pay road tax and obtain car insurance otherwise they will send their "enforcement agents" (also known as the police) round to kick your door in and drag you off to the cells. The very word POLICE etymologically comes from the word POLICY. The police used to be peace officers upholding the Queens peace. And you could only really be arrested for breaching the peace. They are now POLICY ENFORCERS, enforcing the policy of the Uk government. They may threaten you, harrass you and eventually lock you up thus taking away your freedom and depriving you of your ability to exercise your freewill. All for breaking a policy that you were coerced and forced into complying with in the first place. Regardless of whether you even had any knowledge of whether the policy existed or not.

I mean why do we get a driving license, insurance, mot and pay road tax ?. Is it because without those things we would all drive like lunatics and so we need government restrictions to prevent our lunatic ways ?. Or is it because we are scared that the policey enforcers will come knocking on the door and drag us off to court to face charges, fines and a possible prison sentence for not complying ?.

Now correct me if i am wrong but that sounds a lot like how a Mafia runs its business and that business is known as an EXTORTION RACKET. You either comply with what the mafia wants or they send round the heavies to rough you up a little until you do comply & pay up.

And to top it all off have you ever wondered how the police can get away with the extortion racket and heavy handedness in which they treat the citizens ?. It is the same privilege system that forces you to get a driving license in the first place. They are given the legal privilege for the "use of force", to enforce the company policies written down in statutory law.. That is why they are called a POLICE FORCE. Because they have been granted the privilege to use force - even DEADLY FORCE if need be. With full legal exemption. Just look at the Charles De Menezes Case for proof of deadly force and exemption of the policy enforcers using that force. It is a strange world when you start to analyse & see it for what it really is. It gives a whole new meaning to Ian flemmings, James Bond 007 - LICENSED TO KILL.

Feel free to have a more indepth read about where this right to travel & drive comes from: Driving is your right - not a privilege

It is not only driving but every facet of our lives is licensed and regulated by the government to the point that the United Kingdom is turning into a police state. And for any infraction of the United Kingdom policy restrictions. We face fines, threats, court action and general harrasment. The government is in effect criminalising every aspect of normal life. Cycle on the footpath, bang a 500 fine, your dog has a poo, bang a 500 fine, speed by 5 mph, bang a 500 fine and you have your driving privileges revoked.

The question is how much longer can the people take having every aspect of their lives criminalised, controlled, fined, tagged, logged, processed and generally harassed & when is enough enough ?


I was going to finish this article with the driving privilege, as I believe it shows a good example of what freedom is and where freedom was lost. But I feel I should explain another facet of the manipulation of the people through the manipulation of freewill and thus our freedom. And that is that our freewill is consciously being altered by our own government to accept certain things. You see without freewill we become docile and easily manipulated (which is why they put flouride in to the water supply - but thats a whole other subject). Anyway we submit to government without realising why we are submitting. We hand over all our freedoms because we have forgot what freedom is. We become like sheep blindly following orders because we think that it is what we are supposed to do in order to be a good little citizen. In fact we have become so good at blindly following everything that we are now referred to as "SHEEPLE". Not people or sheep but a combination of the two.

TV - Mind Control

Did you know after watching 15 - 20 minutes of Television our brains switch from Alpha wave to Beta wave, which places us into a more susceptible brain state. Meaning we are not concious of what our brains are absorbing. They do not call it TV PROGRAMMING for nothing. TV is the most awesome propaganda machine on the entire planet & most people including 99% of kids sit and watch 6 - 8 hrs of it a day!. Did you hear what I just said ? KIDS WATCH 8-10hrs OF IT A DAY! Hellllllooooo is anyone out there ? wakey ! wakey!. Watch this Video Clip From The Film "Network 1976" to see what im getting at - Watch It!.

The Madness of Self Restriction

Ever watched several people in a room and one person speaks out of turn and the others turn and look at the guy with scowls of discouragement. Or make out likes hes crazy with the raising of an eyebrow & that expression that says it all. We collectivly socially restrict each other by chastising each other by calling people stupid, crazy or mental. We collectivly self-regulate and then socially regulate others using complicated social behaviour techniques that we ourselves are not often aware we are doing it.

This leads to GROUP THINK where nobody has a dissenting argument because everyone else is too busy labeling them as stupid, antagonistic or just plain out crazy!. For doing nothing more than exercising their own freewill and voicing their opinion.

Wikipedia: Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within groups of people. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints. The primary socially negative cost of groupthink is the loss of individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking.

Is that what we really want to do ? Stop individual creativity, uniqueness and stop independent thinking ? - because i am telling you now. It is exactly what the government wants to stop, especially INDEPENDENT THINKING.

Ever heard these terms: "Who does he think he is ?", "She's getting too big for her boots", or "So 'n' so is getting above his station" & many more. When someone places their head above the preverbial parapet is it our job to shoot them down ? No it isnt - so why do we do it ?. We exercise a massive social control over each other without even realising it. And we really need to get over it and allow people to think different, act different and be different without the character assassinations and without being labeled, harassed and or bullied for it.

A Social "Group Think" Phenomenon = TAX

TAX - Why do we pay tax ? And why do we get so upset if we think someone else is avoiding tax ?. After all we as "SHEEPLE" are so dumbed down to the point were we self-regulate to the point that we confess to earning X amount of money and then tell the government how much they need to steal from us.

Because that is all TAX is - LEGALISED THEFT. And they call it Human beings are so dumbed down, so corrupted in their thinking that they self-regulate to the point they confess to the government mafia how much hush money they are liable to pay for the privillege of living in their corporation. Do you understand how insane we all are ?

Well arent we the smug clever ones who know it all!.

I will finish with this !

FREEDOM is NOT FREE - We have to fight for it every step of the way. And when we think we have found freedom we should be on guard for the next group of socially manipulative collectivists that seeks to steal our freedom for the good of the majority. Which is a socialist utopian illusion that has no basis in REALITY. Yet it is used daily to justify the enslavement of humanity through the medium of DEBT. They steal our wealth through fines, taxation, paper monetary inflation and enforce their restrictions via UNLAWFUL, hell even UNGODLY but very legal corporate policy legislation that tresspass's against our freewill on an ever increasing daily basis.

Most people do not know that upon the Labour party entering parliament for the first time back in the 1930's they sang the "red symphony song" of communism upon entering. And that all Labour politicians are members of the Fabian Society which believes in "Incremental Socialism". Which is exactly what the German National Soclialists believed back in 1920's & 30's under Hitler. One thing is for sure though, which you can count on with 100% certainty. They DESPISE & HATE with a passion! your FREEDOM, FREEWILL & INDEPENDENCE. Because if you have freedom, freewill & independence then they do not have their collectivist socialism wet dream, which always has and always will end in tyranny. Always remember that!

And have a nice day ;o)