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Climate Change is Nothing But a Gigantic Fraud Against the People!

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Make no mistake about it. Global Warming.. I mean "Climate change" is a worldwide scam designed to enslave the people to ever increasing amounts of debt through CARBON TAXES and other nonsensical rubbish. And then send all that money to third world countries to build up their economies so the super rich elite can enslave them to a debt based system whilst they extract all their wealth and resources via taxation and debt. Much like they do to the western world today.. It is a global hegemony of a Communo-Fascist Dictatorship being built right before our eyes. And the ultimate goal is De-Population and total Control over the Earth.

Ok so lets back peddle a bit.

Global Cooling / Warming / Change

Did you know in the 1950's the governments of the world attempted to Push Global Warming onto the people claiming it was a man-made phenomenon. Then in the 1970's they switched tack and claimed we were heading for a Global Cooling. Only to switch back again during the 1990's - 2000's claiming Global Warming was going to burn us all to death. Only to switch from global warming and now just call it CLIMATE CHANGE, because nobody brought into their scorched earth theory.

Do you know why they now call it climate change rather than global warming which is what it started out as ?. Because climate change has no defined characteristics..It is an arbitrary linguistic nuance, specifically designed to not have any definable characteristics. So people cannot define or describe what it is or point to what the establishment are claiming it to be.

It is "CLIMATE CHANGE" - BEWARE - BE FEARFUL!. When in reality it is just the climate changing.. Well ofcourse it changes.. The climate changes every single day!.. The term is used as a catechism to brainwash people into being fearful everytime the climate changes. Which then allows the government spin doctors and paid up scientists to claim whatever they like is "Affecting" Climate Change. Regardless of whether what they claim is true or not. Alsong as they say it is, and pay a few scientists to claim it is happening. Then it must be true - right ?.

Wrong. It is the Hegelian Dialectic used again and again to fool the people. Thesis + Anti-Thesis = Synthesis.. Also known as "Problem, Reaction, Solution". They create the fear of climate change: (problem), get the friends of the earth & green peace etc up in arms over it: (reaction), provide the people with CARBON TAX as the: (solution). Since when did paying tax solve any problem ? Has it cured poverty ?, Has it eleviated suffering ?, Has it prevented crime, criminality or combated Terrorism ?. No, No & No - has it hell. Because it is not designed to. It is only designed to extract wealth from the guillible citizens willing to pay it.

But even thats not really important, as they can call it what they want. What is important is why there is NO consensus on global warming, global cooling or climate change. Yet the governments of the world are attempting (very succesfully) to drill it into our heads that we (the people) are to blame. And because we are to blame we must all PAY CARBON TAXES to help fight climate change.

Helping to fight climate change is like attempting to fight an invisible monster. It is a ridiculous notion that man can control and tame nature. It is just another attempt by the sociopaths in power attempting to play god with all our lives. And now it is not just our lives but the life cycles of the planet that are in danger too. No not from climate change deniers but from the sociopaths in power..

Becuase in their infinite wisdow not only are they using climate change to push through their De-population Agenda which we will come to later. They are using climate change as an excuse to experiment with weather modification called GEO-ENGINEERING. Thats right our completly Insane governments are actively manipulating our WEATHER as a pretext based on the theory of man-made "climate change" that has not even been proven to exist.

Lets say for instance that man-made climate change was TRUE. The question then is, why would there be a need to deny its existence ?. It would be the most challenging thing to face mankind and the people who denied it would gain nothing from denying it. In fact they would be risking the lives of themselves, friends and family by denying it. So in theory they have no observable motive to deny it. But if the coin is flipped and those who say climate change is real. Then what do they have to gain ? if anything from promoting climate change. So the question should be who is set to gain from climate change & why ?

Where Does Climate Change Come From ?

It is not strictly climate change we need to focus on. We need to go right back to 1798 and "An Essay on the Principle of Population" written by the Reverened Thomas Malthus. While it was not the first book on population, it has been acknowledged as the most influential work of its era. Its 6th Edition was independently cited as a key influence by both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in developing the theory of natural selection.

The "Malthusian Growth Model" also known as "The Malthusian Trap" in economics. Has the basic premis that where P0 = Initial Population, r = growth rate, t = time according to this calculation: . The population would expand to such an extent that it would increase faster than the food supply or land mass could support. Population would then reach a resource limit (overpopulation) and collapse resulting from famine, starvation, disease and wars for resources.

As a reverened minister he preached "moral restraint", which over time became "birth control". Why do you think Bill Gates Funds Planned Parenthood in America ?, or why the Gay Lifestyle is promoted so heavily in the mainstream media ?. It is because gays do not procreate!. Or why did China introduce a 1 child policy in China. Which by the way the United Nations already has written into its laws ready for Europe. Even good old Prince Philip told Deutsche press in August 1988 that: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation". When you start to see the agenda, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place - do they not ?

Take a read here: The Great Global Warming Hoax for where the most recent revival in Anthropogenic (man-made) global warming came from.

Man V's Nature

Lets get one thing straight before we go any futher. MAN is part of nature. We are creatures of nature, we are built up of atoms, particles, flesh, blood and bone just like all the animals on the earth. Nature is us and we are nature. We are not seperate from nature as we exist as part of it. This is demonstrated no better than the symbiotic natural alliance we humans share with plants via the Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen exchange program.

It is no secret that we humans need Oxygen to breathe. It is also no secret that plants need Carbon Dioxide to survive. Now im sure you are all well aware that the more carbon dioxide we breathe out, the more carbon dioxide is in the air for plants to breathe in - in order to produce Oxygen which they breathe out. Therefore to say that Carbon Dioxide is the cause of the earths troubles is a fallacy as whatever we breathe out as waste. Plants breathe it in and then expel oxygen as waste. It is a symbiotic relationship that has stood for a million years.

To think that since the industrial revolution from about 1885 or so since Benz developed the first automobile to run on the internal combustion engine. We have pumped so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing an imbalance is nonesense. As the more carbon dioxide in the air would do nothing more than to cause plant growth to flourish to compensate for any increase. Futhermore did you know Carbon Dioxide makes up just 0.039% of the Earths Atmosphere! Thats 0.039%!. I'll say that again CARBON DIOXIDE - The most toxic poison on the planet according to Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth Hoax makes up just 0.039% of the air in our atmosphere!.

Man produces roughly 3% of all annually produced CO2. So that works out that we humans are contributing just 3% of 0.039% supposed carbon problem. Shall I say that again.. This whole hoax I mean scandal, I mean disgusting FRAUD, that we so called EVIL DOERS are impacting on the planet just 3% of 0.039% of the earths atmosphere. .. And we are supposed to pay CARBON TAX to help prevent climate change ? Give me a freakin break. Do you know what makes up the other 97% of "carbon pollution" ? .. Volcano erruptions, hot springs, and geysers, as well as carbonate rocks via the process of dissolution.

Do we start charging Volcano's an erruption tax ? or Geysers a gush tax!.

It has NOTHING to do with climate change and everything to do with CONTROL, POWER, MANIPULATION & DE-POPULATION.

I'll say that again.. It has absolutely SWEET FUCK ALL to do with climate change and everything to do with CONTROL, POWER, MANIPULATION & DE-POPULATION. Are you hearing what Im saying ?.

Climate Gate - Did You Hear About It ?

Climate gate was the scandal that rocked the Global Warming & Climate Change debate to its knees. Because a hacker (bless his soul) hacked into the University Of East Anglia Climate Research Unit & found out that the so called professors of science were nothing but lying, cheating, dishonest, criminal alarmists. No doubt paid off by the Carbon Tax lobbyists. It was such a big scandal that even the main stream media couldnt sweep it under the carpet and had to report on it Telegraph.

For a full analysis on what actually happened on climate gate see the analysis by John. P. Costella at: Assassination Science Climategate. And read all about how the scientific establishment are nothing but power crazy psychopaths playing games with peoples lives & destroying all confidence in scientists on the whole.

Now For The Real Science

I could write out and explain the whole global warming scenerio with graphs, pictures and charts explaining why its all bunkum. But it seems other people have already done it. So I will just forward you to some links that I believe explain the global warming and climate change scandal in better details than I probably could. So get yourself a cup of coffee or whatever ever it is you drink and take the time to read through these pages.

Just open your mind.. Start to question what the government is telling you. In fact question everything everybody is telling you. Do not just believe me - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!.

But Most Of All - Have Fun :o)