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Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering



"Look Up To The Sky & See For Yourself"

There is a dissenting view online that says Chemtrails are not real. And that they are a natural phenomenon caused by plane travel called contrails. However these people are either disillusioned or paid up members of the dis-information brigade. Because governments are paying people to spread dis-information and challenge "alternative views" online.

Contrails are: "artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets which form a vapour trail.

And this is what the government would like you to believe is what aeroplanes are leaving behind in the sky. But alas dis-information & propoganda are one of the best tools of worldwide government. Because most people believe the government doesnt lie.

The difference between Contrails & Chemtrails is that Contrails disapear after a minute or so as the water vapour evaporates or crystalizes into ice and falls to the earth evaporating on its way. Chemtrails hang around in the sky like great big thick white stripes, which then spread into each other forming a dull, murky, grey haze which covers the whole sky. Have any of you noticed the lack of summer & the dull grey sky's we constantly seem to have ?.

See For Yourself

Do these look like Chemtrails (that is apparently do not exist and is nothing more than a conspiracy theory) or do they look like nice harmless water vapour contrails?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words..

They say its just commercial aircraft flying normally.. I say why do commercial aircrafts fly round in circles ?

Check out this youtube Vid: Contrails V's Chemtrails 101 for a more accurate portrayal of the only too real & visible differences.

Heres a few more Chemtrail videos filmed by people like you and me from around the world. As this is a worldwide government sponsored weather terrorism.

Plus a million more..

Why Are They Spraying Chemtrails

The truth is because they are psychopathic, sociopathic, satanic worshipping "nut jobs". But if you want to know what they tell the public then "they are attempting to save us from Global Warming". Even though as discussed in my previous article Global Warming & Climate Change Are Nothing But Gigantic Scams Designed To Enslave People To Carbon Tax Debts. Hey remember AL Gore and his "An Inconvenient Truth" film he travelled the world promoting. Saying that sea levels were going to rise 10ft over the next 10 years and everyone was going to drown due to the rises in sea levels. What they didnt tell you was he brought a $8.9 million ocean view villa about 3ft above sea level with the proceeds..

Because they are criminals.. They are all criminals. They have always been criminals. It is a worldwide criminal mafia gang. Just that they wear a shirt & tie and call it freedom & democracy rather than a protection racket & thievery!.

A lot of people believe the spraying of these toxic chemicals is part of the De-Population agenda, designed to weaken our immune systems so we are more susceptible to illness & disease. Others believe they are actively messing with our DNA through nano-technology. Either way whatever it is their spraying were all breathing it in. After all... What Goes Up MUST come DOWN.

What Do Chemtrails Contain

Chemtrails contain the following chemicals.


Aluminum can be absorbed through food, breathing and skin contact. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health effects, including damage to the central nervous system, dementia, loss of memory, severe listlessness and trembling. Aluminium also blocks your pinneal gland (the ’Third Eye’) from functioning correctly. Data about this is available from geobiology expert Stephane Cardinaux.


In the book “Minerals for the Genetic Code” Charles Walter talks about it being essential for the AIDS virus to thrive. It has a valency of +2 which means it displaces both Calcium and Magnesium from your body which are both essential for health.


A heavy metal which is highly toxic to the developing brain and nervous system. It can damage the kidneys, nervous system, and reproductive system and can cause high blood pressure. Lead is especially harmful to fetuses and young children, whose brains are in development. Elevated levels can lead to learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and mental retardation. High levels may lead to seizures, coma and death.

Others products in use include Arsenic (yes Arsenic), Chromium & Cadmium

Who Is Behind It

It is the same old criminals & their paid up media.

  • The Royal Society
  • Independent Newspaper On Geo-Engineering
  • Times Online Propoganda
  • Nature News Propoganda
  • Bloombeg Crazy Science Propoganda
  • Then They Deny It's Even Happening: UK Denies Evidence Of Widespread Illegal Chemtrail Aerosol Operations.

    How strange is it that they should deny any knowledge of chemtrails or geo-engineering operations. Yet they openly discuss it in parliamentary committee's. House Of Commons Science & Technology Committee - The Regulation Of Geo-Engineering. And you people still trust what the government says ? When they are caught time & time again lying through their teeth.

    Patented Technology

    But hey dont just believe me, go read the Patent's. (I would give you direct links to the USA patent office, but the links mysteriously disapeared). But if you search google you can find alternative sources for these patented technologies. take note of the Dates and see how long they have had this technology.

    There are a whole lot more of these and other crazy weather modification experiments going on that not many are aware of. Because our main stream media do not like to talk about anything of value. They are just there to keep you distracted with celebrity lifestyles, sporting events, reality TV and other nonesensical bullshit. While the psychopaths plot the downfall of mankind. Crazy but true: Check this link for more Patents: A Partial History of Aerosol and Weather Related Technologies

    Watch this documentary on Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying

    But if you think chemtrails are bad then you will not believe what lengths our psychopathic governments are capable of going to in order to reamin in control of the earth. See Weather Modification techniques. Because I can almost guarantee your mind will reject it completly, as it is too bizzare to imagine.

    They say truth is stranger than fiction! :o).

    Read more about chemtrails & Geo-engineering see "Educate Yourself" at: Educate Yourself About Chemtrails