The Situation



"My people perish for lack of knowledge"

NEWS FLASH: Listen folks we are close to the end. The collapse of the monetary system is almost upon us. The governments of the world have made it perfectly clear, they do not care about you or me. They work for financial interests and not the people. And the financial interests have a plan to dominate this world through financial terrorism. This is what I believe will happen over the next 12-18 months and going forward..

  • All-out economic collapse due to money printing inflation.
  • Masses of unemployment and civil unrest.
  • Crack down on the people followed by martial law and restriction of movement
  • Terrorist bombs or attacks in possibly Paris (Eiffel tower) Berlin & London.. Blamed on Muslims (Possibly Iran)
  • World War 3 - The Christian West V's Muslim East

Out of all this chaos will rise the new world order, the new world religion (Luciferianism) and a world totalitarian super state with no escape.

I admit I could be completely 100% wrong on all accounts, but everything is pointing me towards these scenarios.


This site is here to help human beings to try and comprehend what exactly is going on in this world today from the perspective of REALITY.

And when i use the term reality. Im not talking about the MANUFACTURED reality that is forced onto us through, newspapers, media campaigns, television, news corporations and government. Im talking about the reality that stands as naked truth once all the bullshit has been moved aside!.

Im well aware that many visitors to this website might not have a CLUE what is going on in the world. And many may not even think it is relevant to their own lives. But i can assure you, something is happening in the world and it involves you, your family, your friends, collegues and every other human being on the planet. So you have 2 choices.

The choice is yours - It has always been yours !.

This site is intended as a resource to help you catch up on the ideology, thoughts and thinking of the much wider group of "growing concern" that is spreading accross the globe. Many people are waking up to the realisation that something is very wrong in the world. And realisation that not only is something wrong, but the problems that are occuring are not just by random coincidence. Or from mystical, natural forces like the government wants you to believe. But they are actually planned, controlled and executed with ruthless precision. The sooner we as human beings GROW UP and realise that. The better off we will all be.


Are all things connected ? Is there a grand conspiracy ? Do a certain group of individuals control the world ? Is it even possible ?

To most people the idea that a specific group of people control the world is completly laughable. To others who understand the world, its institutions, history and a control mechanism known as "group think". Not only is it possible. It is indeed TRUE.

And throughout this website. Im going to try and help you connect the dots to the REALITY that what you think you know, is actually what youv've been programmed to know. This may take a leap of faith on your part. But as you read, comprehend and learn more about the manipulators. You will begin to see the same pattern that i see and you will then be able to discern for yourself if the world really is the place you thought it to be. With that being said i think its time we begin.

The links on the left (the menu) are not in any perticular order, other than by reading down the menu rather than randomly choosing a subject may help you comprehend the over all system in a more uniform manner. So make a start on your journey down the rabbit hole. I wish you luck.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” - John. F. Kennedy